The father of Beyoncé, the diagnosis of breast cancer


Hard blow for Beyoncé and your family. Mathew Knowles, father the singer has just announced that it breast cancer. This would be revealed for the manager of the first musical training of the diva, Destiny’s Child,, his health is in a tv show, where she has also given details about how you mastered the message.

Good Morning Americaone of the tv programs in the morning, more often in the United States, surprised in social networks announced that his guest at the 2. October. “Morning Goog Morning America Mathew Knowles, father of Beyoncé, sits with Michael Strahan and shows their fight against breast cancer,” she wrote in a tweet.


The interview took place a few hours ago and Mathew revealed some of the details, how they live, their fight against the disease. “The first call was from my family, because this is genetic, it means that my children have a higher probability of a higher risk (of cancer), even my grandchildren have an increased risk, and what you have driven, as they should,” said the man.

He also stated that after the diagnosis of breast cancer, is warned by her doctor to that I have more opportunities for the development of tumors in other parts of the body, such as the pancreas, prostate or melanoma.

Beyoncé and her father Matthew Knowles

Beyoncé and her father Matthew Knowles

For the moment, Mathew Knowles follow-up with mammography at regular intervals must continue to confirm that it is not the remains of the tumor in the breast. In addition, it was also known that Beyonce and her sister subjected to as Long as the examination of the gene BRCA2 gene is mutated, in order to know whether you are a carrier of the gene from his father.

Mathew Knowles, the 67-year-old, is the father of four children. Beyoncé and Solange, from his first marriage to Tina, and two small children as the fruit of their marriage with his current wife, Gena Avery.