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It is a week and a half after the presentation, the Colombian singer at the Super Bowl will be liable. The artist barranquillera appeared in the show of the medium, time to vibrate to all the participants of the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, and millions of people who followed him, in front of the tv.

Shakira gave a presentation relentlessly. He sang some of his songs in their classic, he dared to play the guitar, check the battery and up to move to salsa rhythms. But perhaps the time is speaks for the Colombian superstar was when she danced champeta, with a few spectacular movements that the attention of the whole world.

Shakira and J-Lo in the Super BowlThe artist barranquillera and the ‘Diva Brox’ indulged the participants in the Super Bowl in Miami.

Lus Dany Field Díaz

After has left, information about the event, they did not know, and one of these apparently, the boots, the red I had launched that day and the importance it had to you.

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This Shoe was used by the Colombian singer as he and his partner, the Spanish soccer player Piqué, in the video clip for the song Waka Waka, according to the portal ‘E’.

These boots required a work he in the hands of the designer, Dan Life in a Shoe store in honduras in Miami,” says Roberto Cruz, the shop owner, that he the intervention.

This work would have lasted for about 10 days, while you incrustaban 30.000 crystals, the boots.