The infidelity of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the almost straight with your marriage


Beyoncé and Jay-Z a few more couples a solid, successful and millionaires of the crowd, but you history is not framed only for the love, for the theme of the infidelity shook the partner a couple of years ago, everyone thought their Union would divorce.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé. (Photo: AP)

The rumors of infidelity by Jay-Z

The couple had its first daughter, in year 2012, Blue Ivy, but the rumors of infidelity after the famous video started Solange Knowlessister Beyoncéyou beat your brother-in-law in an Elevator, in the framework of the MET Gala 2014. Beyoncé looked on, while his bodyguard tried to stop as Long as.

Two years later, in 2016, the rumors of more power took, when Beyoncé started the hard drive Lemonadethe singer suggests that the existence of a infidelity. In some of the songs used, blunt phrases like: “Go away you, try the girl, that loves you”, “imagine for a moment that you were famous, or rich, which would you choose? no, you always have in front of you” and “Today I regret the day I see this ring”.

Everything seemed to indicate that the marriage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z I was in a crisis, but the inscrutability of the pair was such that everything was a rumor.


The confession of Jay-Z and his infidelity

By the end of 2017, if the goods are already born and their twins, Rumi and Sir Jay-Z surprised everyone when he interviewed for The New York Times, for the first time you spoke about your infidelity and by the way, mastered the couple of the situation. The rapper is sinceró talk about what had happened: “as hard As it is to see, on the face of the other the pain that you have done, and then have to deal with it”.

The 10 videos more provocateurs of Beyoncé

About the way the supervisor of the crisis, the singer pointed out that music has helped them, and it became a kind of therapy for both of you. “We played the music as if we are a psychological therapy, but the music, which she did, also took a step and went on. So, your album came in contrast to the disc collaborative, in which we have worked,” he said.

Jay-Z also, the hard drive released 4:44in their texts, compared to points to an action of forgiveness Beyoncébecause he committed an act of infidelity in the past.

In the same interview that Jay-Z hinted that he and Beyoncé were going to get a divorce. In addition to the music, both on partner therapy and individual, with the goal to work and save your marriage.

Who was the third in discord between Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

Never the names were, but it showed the designer Rachel Roythe ex-wife of producer Damon Dash as a partner of Jay-z In the closest circle of partners have noted that Roy would have been a great fight in the Elevator between the sister of Beyoncé and rapper.

The fans of Beyoncé began to attack, the designer, the denied received everything and refunded even threats, were their daughters.

Rachel Roy. (Photo: AP)

While Rachel Roy was at the end of these speculations, Rita Ora the new center of the controversy was because of the British singer rose to Snapchat a photo, he was wearing a brasserie with two lemons, and I said it with a “J”, two characters will be interpreted by the fans of Beyoncé as a reference to the singer and the name of Jay-Z, But knew nothing more.

Rita Ora. (Photo: Screenshot Snapchat)