The Klber Bam Bam polmica, Paula, remember, you are doing all the campees ‘Big Brother Brasil’


At the beginning of the edio Big Brother Brasil do approaching, and with it the anticipation of the fulfillment of the new winner at any price. While in the, the 21. Day of January, the date of the premiere of the BBB 20, it is worth to remember who the brothers were, led him into the house o prmio milionrio.



The self-considered, kind, calm, sincere, Paula, of Sperling said, on the great day of 19, calls the attention for the shaft, and in the gift of irritating people with his voice, was the religious indicted by a intolerncia as well as against the co-worker, Rodrigo France, and had cast her Hariany on the day of the final. But, in spite of the polmicas, it’s lucky that you paid went back to the house for the stately sum of$ 1.5 maize, according to his own, the j. The mining of Lagoa Santa, in the last edio with 61,09 percent of the vote to win against the 38,91% of the state of santa catarina, Alan Possamai, as the first woman, the prmio in the program.

Paula also represents the fourth vitria women in a row. Just before you came to the acriana Gleici Down (WEEK 18), in the gacha, Emily Arajo (WEEK 17), and the e Munik, Wesley (WEEK 16). But the one who opened the wings to the victory in the female, he was, in reality, the bab cities of the latter-day saints, in WEEK 4, 2004).

J, the first winner of the Klber Bam Bam, the set up is famous for his relationship with the doll, Maria Eugnia, brother was. To set the time, the prmio of R$ 500 thousand, value, for 1 € of corn in 2005, and$ 1.5 corn in the year 2010.


Of the 288 participants who have passed, to be monitored through the apartment, the pas have, as affirmed 19 Edie’s, to come from 23 States of Brazil. At the moment, the reality on the presented ningum of the Amap, in the Maranho, in the United States or in Brazil -but j was in the presence of people in developing and Srgio Tavares, WEEK 1), and in Argentina, Antonela Avellaneda, WEEK 4) and the Sria (Kaysar Dadour, WEEK 18).

Six winners were born in the state of So Paulo, and two in Gois, which is represented both in Rio Grande do Sul, both in Rio de Janeiro in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, two in Minas Gerais, one in Paraná and one in Acre (Gleici of the WEEK 18, the first winner of the state.