The myth of why new faces in Fortnite so strong


Along with the Update 12.10 in Fortnite new mines was introduced, among other things.

The myth is one of the most famous players in Fortnite. During his first few games after the Patch, 12.10 already наисильнейшем mentioned in a new minutes.

We will remind that the mines can throw at really long distances. However, this is not the made Myth defines addition as “sick”.

New faces in Fortnite

New faces-it’s a pretty fun way to the Bluffs of the opponent, not only when logging in to a house, but also during the fight. Myth in one of his games just threw me under the feet of the player. In the result of him struck not only damage, but also noted its Position. As a result, a player of the opponent could see through walls.

It is visible, that at the time of the Explosion on the player, a red mark appears. Pretty handy to describe that many people already managed to strong.

The question of whether it is changed or not. Actually, it is a useful technology, especially in the fight with the players, the build is good.