The PRIMITIVE in Fortnite ruin other pleasure, but Epic has a good argument


The PRIMITIVE in Fortnite Mechs is that the player has an advantage over the other. Not all, but you like.

Part of the Fortnite Community rebelled against the last of the Updates from Epic Games. The authors of the game decided, because in battle royale, the moss, this will allow players with extremely strong enemies. The players don’t like such, inequalities, and was even a special, with the Hashtag “#RemoveTheMech”.

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Epic decided to put the answers for the players, and you must admit that your reasoning also works well.

Mission Fortnite is to win the players at all levels, abilities, possibilities of such a co-op game in which everyone has a Chance. This is where everyone can have a Chance, first Liquidation or, the Royal victory and feel the joy that he carries with him. We know that there are still players who have not experienced this.

Another part of the Mission is to was Fortnite spectacular, and the Gameplay tells entertainment. You make it every week, that means new gameplay experiences and new game options.

Add an ANIMAL at the beginning of the season X, we mean exactly this Mission. Since that time, we can see that the players who previously had problems were zaliczaniem Liquidation, now they steal more and at the same time a reduction of the more experienced players on a constant level.

Meeting: should the rare, unique events, and not something that dominates the whole game. In Arena mode, we have, among other things, for the changes. In order to reduce the appear in the later stages of the game, we have the frequency of their occurrence. It was necessary, due to its specific modes, many players in the last round of storms. We are excited by these changes.

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