The reason why Kim Kardashian wants to set up his own law firm


So it was open to the public in the conference DealBook organized by the newspaper The New York Times“I’m definitely working very hard and is a commitment that I have chosen. This time far away from my family, to study, not go out with my friends and live a different life. And I’m happy with this decision.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in the DealBook conference, organized by the newspaper The New York Times.

“I love it, and I only hope that one day you will be a company created with the reform of the prisons. I would ask you like, these men and women are behind bars, because they know the law better than most lawyers,” he said.

The entrepreneur not only came to this appointment, was accompanied by his mother, Kris Jennerand her husband, Kanye West. In his lecture, he spoke about his encounter with Donald Trump.

Kim he explained that he had given to the Council, at the White house, but it was not clear that there’s no sense if, therefore, anyone can get out of prison and your life go back in comparison to what could happen, with my reputation, to the White house.”