The tandem-Mark Ronson – Miley Cyrus could go back | music


The musical chemistry between the two is unmistakable. Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus if you have success with your collaborations, how Nothing breaks like a heart, She is coming. The tandem-producer – solo works and soon we could have a new delivery.

So it have shown, both through their social networks. First, the U.S. has announced their new targets for 2020: “New hair. For the new year. New music”. An opportunity to overtake you, just starting, a year full of developments, with a change of look, much more radical, with a mane of blond, over the shoulder, and the pony just.

A new aspect of what lucia in a photo shoot with a t-shirt with the inscription “I am here for you”. Nobody had any idea what is contribute to Mark Ronson. Of London published in their social networks a teaser of what a new video clip in addition to Miley Cyrus seems to be.

“If in 2019, what for the break; 2020 is for the breaker’s Right, Miley?… (very I psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mom say it’s ok)” (“If the 2019 was the break; by 2020, for the “slender”. True, Miley?… Up, so everyone listens when mom says that everything is ok”) wrote the producer and musician in her profile official Instagram of the video sounds like a song, and Miley sees the above-mentioned t-shirt.

In the video, a mix of bass, drums and the voice of Miley Cyrus (with a gasp) it is announced that in the year 2020, a new era starts. After the tangle in his latest EP, She is comingand that’s exactly Ronson again combine forces with the artists on your next project.

According to the singer revealed once in an interview with LOS40, She is here, and She is comingyour next steps should be. But to know that the soloist would be, it is not surprising that the project will have mutated She is Miley Cyrusa rumor to hear that the swing from the beginning that Bad karma could the next single Slide away.

Now only to know when Miley we start this new project. Now we know that the seventh album from Miley called, She Is Miley Cyrus and has worked with producers such as Mark Ronson, RZA, and Mike Will Made It. We must wait to know the whole hard drive and if Sagitarius, Mother’s Daughter, Slide-Away, Party up the Street, American Dream, Naked, Golden G-String, Mary Jane, Victoria, Cattitude, Bad Karma, I Play With… and Coldblood it is his final list.