The Weeknd recalls, with his ex Selena Gomez on her next single


A month ago Selena Gomez surprised when you start easy to “Lose You To Love Me”inspired by your love story with Justin Bieber; and now, it seems that you are not the only one thinking of a romance without a happy-end through their music.

The Weekndthe ex-boyfriend of actress and singer, has a song just registered in the directory of the American society of composers, authors and publishers with the title “Like Selena”after revealing the middle specialized E! Entertainment.

According to the express, the individual stanzas, was written. This caused the expectation of millions of fans, is eagerly awaited, post the topic and questions whether the interpreter The Hills! reveals intimate confessions of their relationship.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez came together during ten months in the year 2017between January and October. Your appointment calendar to let the couple ended their relationship.

“You and Abel have been came and went for a couple of months,” a source explained to the magazine People. “It was difficult, as he is touring. Selena ‘always made an attempt to go to the concerts The Weeknd if you could. Is over for now, but they are still in contact, “he added.

After the hard break, the singer wrote a song for Selena: Call Out Your Name. Was the first question, which she dedicated to him, and during the design of the Coachella festival, the excitation could and burst into tears.

“When times were hard, when times were hard, I remember you close to me. So say my name, say my name, as soon as I kiss you with so much care. I want you to stay, even if you want me to be. Why can’t you wait? Why can’t you wait until I desenamore?”, the melody said.

The emotional intensity of the artist, and the truth is that plasma raised in his texts, the curiosity of the fans, to know that you desire what is the song bears the name of her ex.

Already on Tuesday, the interpreter is revealing the news of her new album on her newly published account of Instagram, and advanced that this Wednesday we could listen to the first single.

Although many hoped that it’s “Like Selena”, the song will be released is “Heartless”it will have to wait a while to know more

Lots of You to Love Me: a message to Justin Bieber

The song The Weeknd within one month after Selena Gomez launched “Lose You To Love Me” (to Miss, to love me), a theme inspired by the romance, he together with Justin Bieber.

“I bless you in all the works of the world, and I believed I. You were my first priority and what adorabas. Incendiaste burned my forest and. Desafinaste in my choirs because it was not your. I saw the signs and ignored,” begins the song.

“I needed to lose you to love me. Di all of me and all know that. You me, the did you brought to ruin and now obviously is. In two months, we have remplazaste, as if it would be easy. Made me believe that I deserved it”.

Less than 24 hours from the premiere in YouTubethis is simply because it has more than 11 million reproductions and with thousands of positive comments from her fans that not only support, in this new phase of the musical, but once again, that the decision of the you terminate your relationship with Bieber was the best.