To back Fortnite when the rocket Goes? Back to the files


It seems that Epic recovery plans one of the weapons that were already present in Fortnite.

No one knows exactly how this season will look like and how many items will be entered, how many deleted, and how much for the recovery. In the files are three things already, but now it is a rocket coming to you.

Here, the controlled missile, which was drawn in the Update 6.31.

The rocket Goes back in Fortnite

The fact that the rocket can return, we knew, Yes, really, at the beginning of season 12. All because of the fact that you are in the menu, and a ski pass battle.

It is not known that all the weapons here appear in the game, but to show how leakerzy, Epic, will probably be back in the rocket. This was already in the files.

Introduced in Patch 3.4, Rollback of Updates 6.21. We will remind that it is a special missile, the you during your flight. It was funny the subject, and the players even loved.

It is not known, and if you know that the weapons will be re-introduced in Fortnite. It can be like in the morning, and after a month, or never.