Video: Selena Gomez in a drunken state on the red carpet


Selena Gomez had a depressing idea to some of his fans on prices You love 2019and now you have the shared videos on the same day, where it seems to be in a state of drunkenness.

Many of the media agreed that your wardrobe it was nice and lucia is very your body, wear a short dress, green, lemon accentuates your figure.

Gomez played two of his new hits first “Lose you your love for me” the full failure was because desentonó a lot and was a lot of to duty with this outfit.

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The second tune that was played “Look At Her Now”, the, the managed to little bit of the last presentation and she left a little happier, to present to the audience.

What really stood out, later, the videos and photos were of the same Internet user in shared Twitter recently, because of the fact that everything seems to indicate that Selena was in a serious state of intoxication.

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In the first video of couple of seconds, you can see that Selena Gomez will walk on the red carpet, but at the same time “tambaleandose” como, if etuviese last glasses because even though there were only a few steps, stretched out his arms to the stopping of something.

There is also a photo where the stylists of the event was the last of the details of your hair to repair, while Gomez standthe funny thing about the photography is that she was there, grabbed a chair with force, balance this is made more difficult when one is in a state of drunkenness.

It should be noted that the presentation, after serving in the American Music Awards in 2019, the first one won after two years of absence from the stages, probably the nerves, she was, and everything was a simple mix-up.

Although Selene Gomez has not done, warranties will not know if your situation and the rare presence during the run was the bridge due to the excess drinks, so we have to wait for the case that only gossip and bad coincidences.

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