What a duet to do, Adele and Beyoncé? Not so fast


(CNN) — We knew it was too good to be true.

The weekend was full of versions of Adele and Beyoncé apparently collaborated in a song with the leader of Coldplay, Chris Martin.

It all started when the leader of One Republic, Ryan Tedder, told the radio station Z100 in New York, the events on the band’s new album.

“We have a song with Beyonce and Adele with only a piano and Chris Martin,” said Tedder.

But a representative of Tedder told CNN on Monday was just a joke.

A duet of Adele and Bey not only what would have been terrific, because the power of the stars, but really what we wanted to Adele.

She was a member of the fanaticada Bey years, and she has felt it also, that we all, if Beyoncé was in Coachella.

And who can forget that Adele has the the in his speech at the Grammy 2017, after he for album of the year 25? Adele said that she might not accept, the price that the Beyonce, also nominated.


“I am very honored and very grateful. But the artist of my life is Beyoncé,” I said in tears. “And this album, for me the album Lemonade, is monumental. Beyoncé is so monumental”.

For the record, Tedder worked on the album 25 and he shared this prize. Also playing some songs from Beyoncé, including Halo.

CNN also contacted representatives of the artist for the evaluation.