With a friend like that! It is rumored that it is planning a farewell for a member of the surprise for Jennifer Lawrence says the Website


A friend of this man! Rumor has it that not only the engagement of Jennifer Lawrence Cooke Maroney celebrate on the page, and how you plan to celebrate a party with your bff’s. According to the sun, and the voice of the “Hello” is organising a farewell for a member of the surprise for the actress.

According to the website, the gringo, you had claimed that only a few people visited the first festival organized in New York in mid-March. “It is rumored that he wanted to organize something for you, and has already started to send the invitations to the partya source close to the singer said.

“It’s all super secreto at the moment, but those who were invited to the few that will always have your invitations, and it seems that it will be a party, well, great!”he continued the insider. “She loves to pass the party Yes pretty much everything on the day.”

In the list, it seems that you are guaranteed, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, but it is rumored that it imposed a hard and fast rule: shoot and blog posts on social networks, is strictly prohibited. “It is rumored that they want to keep the class, and in the event that Yes, you are limiting the power of social media. There will be some big stars at the party, so it is important that everyone feels comfortable to enjoy it”as well, ” says the source.

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence (picture: Getty images)

She was engaged to Cooke, Director of the gallery of art, in February of this year, he said in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” was “a decision is very, very easy”. “Well, it is simply the best person I’ve ever met in my life.”the actress said, who is the groom in June 2018 is up to date.

Our Katniss in “the Hunger Games” that things are not was already trying to organize a farewell for a member of the officer, but I was told on a podcast in the last few months. “I thought you wanted to, you do not have a bye, then in the last minute, I decided that I wanted to. But then again, nobody was available because it was the last minute”, he said.

She continued: “And after that, I began to cry, and I didn’t even know why I was crying. I had no idea that you wanted to, a farewell single. Now I feel pathetic.”

Oh, and people say how it’s going to be happy with your new party! I hope you don’t read the news page. I