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In March, the AMC on the air the special “we Care”, a cycle of films in which women are in control of the situation. Of 6. to 8. In March, the International women’s day, the channel celebrates the superstars like Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, and other actors are strong and independent. Take a look at what it has planned for AMC, a tribute to the women:

On Thursday, the 6. March:

“Right, Hannah,” (20h55)

It is responsible for the inhabitants of your people, to your serenity, and in accordance with the law. Dodge City, as she tries to fight against the injustices in a city, the oppressed, the myth, the legend. Sara Canning (“the Misadventures” Serial “the Planet of the apes: The war”), Billy Zane (“Titanic”) and Danny Glover (“Lethal weapon”).

“The quick and the dead” (22: 30)

Ellen, a mysterious outsider arrives in a small town, and if you are up for a competition in which your life in exchange for money are to protect the risk. But what they don’t know is that the main purpose of Ellen’s revenge on Herod, who, years before, moved in with his family. Sharon Stone (“basic instinct, Wild”), Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”, “The civil war”) and Gene Hackman (“The Eccentric Director of bottle rocket”).

On Friday, the 7. March:

“Charlie’s angels: full throttle” (20: 30)

This is after the success of the year 2000 on the basis of the TV series with the same name. The mission of Natalie, Dylan and Alex, who are the agents of the secret of Charlie’s to retrieve the rings, a few contain information about the background of the witness protection from the FBI. A former partner of the Agency, is the main suspect. Powered by a trio of worthy, formed by Cameron Diaz (“Vanilla Sky”, “in Your place”), Drew Barrymore (“ET”, “Santa Clarita “diet”) and Lucy Liu (“Kill Bill”, “years”).

“The angel of the night: the Wake” (22: 30)

When the humans discover the existence of the clans of vampires and werewolves, starting with a fight for the eradication of both species. But, the mysterious Selene, a vampire, is the lead in the fight against humanity. With Kate Beckinsale (“the Aviator”) and Theo James (the saga “Alien”).

On Saturday, the 8. In March, a Special day of the woman:

“On the bright Side of Life”) (20h20)

If you have lost your house, job, wife, and spend months in prison, Pat Solatano the “ends” of the parents. He is determined to rebuild his life and reunite with his wife, but there are challenges in your path With the world-famous actor, Bradley Cooper (“A Star is Born”) and Jennifer Lawrence (“saga “the Hunger Games”).

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His narrative with original and exceptional production values has been for many years the Foundation for the success of the CCA in the context of the global. In the last few years, AMC Networks has a strong reputation as a manufacturer of some of the original productions, and discussed the television of the modern, such as “Breaking Bad,”” Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead” title, they have really redefined the way of storytelling in the cable-TV and satellite-tv. With “Fear the Walking Dead,” the channel reinforces its image of quality and innovation, and fulfills its promise to the market perception of large-scale production, you have conquered the world.

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The AMC is celebrating the movies in all genres and decades, along with an acclaimed original programming, which appears for the first time to the audience something deeper, something richer, Something More. The network has to be one of the most award-winning series of the last decade, it has re-the drama is defined. In addition to being far America is widespread in the North, the CCA is now available in more than 130 countries and territories worldwide. AMC Global is owned and operated by AMC Networks International, the global division of AMC Networks, and it is to be a destination for premium entertainment is available in HD and SD on all platforms-on air, online, on-demand and mobile.

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