Aaron Carter tattooed Rihanna in the face


In the last few weeks, the name of Aaron Carter will not appear in the media. The artist has, with its strong fight, in networks with his brother, Nick Carter, by she saw the dirty Laundry of your family and even hung, he moved him and his family. After Nick has managed to issue a prohibition against Aaron, things have not subsided. This is a child Prodigy and surprised us now with a tattoo in the face someone we all know: the singer Rihanna.

The behavior of Aaron Carter is symptomatic that you need help. So the people think around you-and your fans and the fans of the Backstreet Boys, the group to which her brother, Nick.

To confess that they bipolarity, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety as well as addiction to drugs and alcohol, Aaron Carter is no longer the protagonist of the press of scandals, controversy and more. In their recent statements by the insured that her sister, Leslie, passed away a few years ago, sexually abused by him, from 10 to 13 years.

The artist forced to cancel his us tour due to health reasons, but continues to be very active in social networks. The last thing he has done is a photo showing the new tattoo that was made, in the face, and not, is a different matter, the face of Rihanna.

Aaron Carter shows off her new tattoo

Aaron Carter shows off her new tattoo

On the picture we can see that Aaron has decided, characterization of Rihanna for the cover of GQ magazine in the year 2013, a photo that appears as if it were the mythological figure of medusa. Instead, Hairdryer, dozens of snakes from your head.

The photo you posted on Instagram accompanied by a written, somewhat cryptically: “I Am the greatest, what is the music in this time. I CAN’T BE DENIED”. The dimensions of the tattoo, and the fact that you have done this in the face, have users a lot of attention from the internet.