All the health problems, Kim Kardashian has admitted – people


If he doubt about it: the Kardashian sisters Jenner are not perfect. We have Kendall, who had to struggle with acne since I was a kid; to Kourtney that he suffer from hair loss at some point in time or to Khloé that -as expected – he suffered from obesity a couple of years ago.

The members of the Guild the most famous in the world don’t hide your health problems, but of all, without a doubt, Kim is, it has the worst hit.

Let us look at some of the diseases that has the celebrity, they have admitted:

> Psoriasis. The entrepreneur has sincerado about this condition (, accumulate in the cells of the skin and create spots of red, scaly and itchy) repeatedly and it has shown that the terrible disease that has taken not only her face but also her legs.

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of the condition of psoriasis on the legs. / RRSS.

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of the condition of psoriasis on the legs. / – RR-SS.

> Placenta accreta. A phenomenon so rare as to be dangerous, also you already have in front of Kim. The star of Keeping up with the Kardashians had a nightmare in the first pregnancies (Yes, that is the reason why the last 2 sons were born, a belly to go).

> Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. The last season of the reality show, the family started with an alarming drama: Kim positive test of antibodies against the two diseases. The mother of North, Saint, Chicago, and Ages have stood, wearing a beautiful time suffer from headaches and General fatigue, so they decided to undergo studies. And even though your doctor of confidence has, in advance, that this does not mean that the media millionaire suffer precisely the disease -has anti-body, Yes, but they could stay and “sleep” and never-the news was a crushing blow for the whole family. @mundiario