At the age of 50 years old, Salma Hayek body, formed in a bikini


The collection of Salma Hayek the water is heated up on the social networks. The actress, 50 years, appealed to share on Instagram, an image that appears in a bikini somewhere in the tropics and take a shower in the open. Water. The need for a delightful and very valuable for the peoplewritten in Spanish on the label.
The image was posted to prove on the day after the star, that it is a real fairy of your very own home. Recently, Salma a night of pleasure spent Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and, in spite of the to lunch, he took command of the kitchen and took care of the youngest daughter of the couple and the baby for cash. “When your friends invite you to dinner, and you will be at the end of the whole work” a joke.
Hayek and Reynolds play together on the film “the Hitman”s Bodyguard’, in the Interpretation of, respectively, the wife of a notorious murderer in the pay, and an agent of special protection, whose mission is criminal justice the International court of justice.