‘Betty’s diner’: Salma Hayek says, the film is tailored to the USA, from Trump


'Betty's diner': Salma Hayek says, the film is tailored to the USA, from Trump

In may, The actress Salma Hayek at the film festival in Cannes AFP

A film about the capital of desalmados, destroy the planet, the u. s. a are arrogant, which damages the person from the stereotype: an accurate description of the country in which the President, Donald Trump, the it is assigned to.

“Betty’s for dinner”, a Comedy in painfully realistic, it feels like yesterday you wrote, but it was actually filmed before the help of the Republicans get in the White house.

Salma Hayek interprets it, Bethany, an immigrant, a Mexican who enters the United States, separated from his family, and after the trial, the real-estate failed to deliver to end up with in your area.

Many years later, this woman is ugly, old and fat,” as described in one of the conversations, makes a good living as a massage therapist and healer in southern California.

After you have a massage in the home of a well, far away from the place where she lives with her dog, and one kid of the goats, their car breaks down. Your customer tells you so that you get to dine while you wait for help, she and her husband organize a dinner party for the work to which he was invited to the billionaire investor, Said Strutt, was played by John Lithgow.

When you meet for the first time, he asks Betty, you drink to strengthen. Then he asks where she is, and she answers, “Pasadena”, he insisted: “where you come from originally?”. And later he asks you if you want to be in the country legally, or whether he crossed the border without documentation.

This is a situation which gears more and more frequently in the United States, of the promises of the trump of the deportation of illegal immigrants and the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico.

“I love this character, because there is a lot of people,” said Hayek in an interview with AFP by telephone. “A lot of time, don’t really know where you are coming from, and you have a un-biased in who you are.”

“They say,” do you still ride on the back of a donkey (…), there is a lack of understanding of where we are and where we come from, what we feel is what we want to do,” he says.

– The “more relevant”, with the trump

It is Betty’s, women’s, high and chic, right in the middle of a conversation, the banal, and the men smoke cigars, for the supply of millions of dollars to do the you go. And to lose this woman, ignored, moved, his composure began with all of the things that you hear.

Strutt, in the “heart”. He represents the worst of American society: in addition to racist, it is a real estate mogul who builds it to take into account the damage to the environment or social issues.

The film was shown at the Sundance film festival in January, hits theaters in the United States on Friday, a day after Trump announced his resignation from the country of the agreement in Paris on climate change.

“There are some things that says for my character, that seems to be happening now, and what we went through with the agreement in Paris, and after some time, the film becomes more and more relevant,” says the actress, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for her role in “Frida”.

“But when it was released in the last 10 years, it would have been also relevant, because they are the people who have a ‘claim’ (privilege level) are not aware of what you can do, there is a lot of time,” he says.

Director Miguel Areta, and writer Mike White were inspired by the death of the lion, Cecil the passage of the gospel, and in the hands of a dentist, the American, to make of this film.

Bethany is divided between the horrible reality of the diner and into a parallel world, which Hayek defined as “magic realism”, and it’s the end remains open for discussion.

During the filming, Hayek was 50 years old, work and grow up”.

“It was amazing to share it with a manager with whom I work on it for years, and finally got him at the age of 50 years. And this is a man who is a hero of mine, has written a Film that, for me, you have no idea…,” says the actress, who reminds us that on the day of his birthday, he was included in the set-up with mariachi.

The character that you played, when you reach the Golden age, is not wearing make-up, and the social contrasts are still the most prominent.

It was “horrible, but beautiful on the inside, than I have in my whole life,” he said.