Beyoncé, like the new James Bond? | Music


Beyoncé it is one of those artists that never go out of fashion. No matter what you do, how you do this and when to do it, we can all enjoy what it offers us. And is that after the success of his appearance in the live action of The Lion Kingour protagonist returns to the flock with all possible means, to new work on the big screen.

In this case, we speak of the new James BondTo die without time– do you see the light at the 2. april of this year. A film of which we already learned to know, – trailer, – and the argument.

If, however, a little confused, and miss the fans of the agent with the prayers in the world to set the no voice, the rhythm of his new film. At least still no name confirmed take care of that.

First shot down the rumors that Ed Sheeran, the protagonizaría the main theme of the film would be, but now she has announced that she has her break in the temporary music, there is only a name for all the attention: Beyoncé.

The interpreter Formation could have thrown the one or other track on social networks, and only some of his followers have managed pillarlas. It all started when the Houston shared with different photos of your experience at the Golden Globes last 5. January. In one of them appears to him a SIP of the favourite drink of James Bond, martinitherefore, it might be a clear allusion to the future development of vocal in this movie.

Without a doubt, this and the idea has not left in three months after its premiere, still, to the podium, no names, reinforces the theory that it could diva to this. But we’ll have to wait to find out. In this way, the successor of Adele, Sam Smith and Madonna in the long list of artists, which is part of the soundtrack of the agents best known to the world.

Although we do not forget that Beyoncé already had experience of converting your voice in the center, in any success of the big screen. Where we work in the lion king is an example of?