Charlie Puth revealed the title of the new single by Katy Perry | music


A few days ago we talked about a new song from Katy Perry in cooperation with Taylor Swiftand now we bring you news about it. Charlie Puth has spoken about this new project of the singer in a live, on Instagram, and her words were revealing further details, he can imagine.

During the transfer, one of his followers, mentioned in the title Small Talkand their reaction was not a waste.

“What do you mean, you know Small Talk? What? How do you know? Jesus… how can you keep secrets today? It’s incredible,”, he said. And not only that, but also some confirm that he is the producer of this topic, the attention, the new single of the singer.

All the indications are that they are light in august and this time with the rumors about her collaboration with her new best friend Taylor Swift. And we mean not to us, but the evidence.

Charlie Puth clear that there are no secrets in the music industry, or in social networks.

This news comes like a shot of motivation for the fans of Perry, who have found themselves with the news that your favorite artists have been found guilty of plagiarism by the jury of the popular Los Angeles. The singer Flame he filed a complaint against you and your song Dark Horse based on a plagiarized instrumental song Joyful Noise, released in 2008.

Now, judge Christina A. Snyder you rate the amount the singer and his employees have of Katy.

But not all were bad news. The artist is preparing for her next big project: as a single it seems to be finally joins the voices, our protagonist and the You Need To Calm Down. You have to listen to the desire Small Talk?