Discover Rosalie should be jealous after discovering Kylie Jenner


The artist will surprise you with their height, all in a publication bawdy

The noise Rosalie in the world of music has surprised own and strange with a break-in, where your subjects have a good debt. The Catalan music world revolutionize gets up to date with a current unique. In addition, the young, he’s physical is also characterized by the strengthening of its enviable at each performance.

An artist, the success is so difficult, because I created a style of, by and for you. A stream, the drink of flamenco and merges with the trap as a result, the issues that are present on the debut album Rosalie.


With the release of To Want The Evilthe singer has managed, through his subjects, as his first single It is “bad”. A theme I from the first moment at the top of the charts. In order Rosalie began to rise, his fame up to the present levels.

There are songs such as “range”, “say my name” and “height” and many others followed. All of them are following in the footsteps of the first single of Rosalieis this soon to be great successes. In addition, each of them has a distinctive feature: they form a part of the romance, the artist is trying to, in To Want The Evil.


But not only has it managed, in Spainthe artist has managed to borders and get to places as United States Of America and Latin America. Sites where it is appropriate, what is the highest thanks to your topics. A Rosalie the has international reputation.

The young in the world of music, which has managed, success is more than noteworthy that in the social networks. In Instagramthe Catalan has more than 10 million of followers fill likes each and every publication. In addition, Rosalie has so much appeal that even the models of the size Kylie Jenner you agree if you are celebrating, such as on the Instagram Story the us climbed.