First conquered Shakira and JLo with their steps, now el Mariachi range of 1000 to spear his own challenge


First conquered Shakira and JLo with their steps, now el Mariachi range of 1000 to spear his own challenge

Mariachi Pallet 1000 / Courtesy

MEXICO – Two young members of the Mariachi Pallet 1000 you cause a sensation in the social networks, first of all, the #champeta challenge entered where the footsteps of Shakira and the Jennifeer Lopez those who came in the Super Bowl, and now you are throwing your own challenge remains #MariachiLocoChallenge you heave sighs of the young Internet users.

It is Jesus Jr. and Chadbi range, don instegrantes of the successful grouping of the Mariachi series 1000.

First of all, were the champeta dance Shakira, and imitate the steps of Jennifer Lopez.

Their choreography #JLoTikTokChallenge the letters to the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico city. The material, what they shared in the social networks and was a great success. There’s nothing unusual to see, to dance to the mariachi music, a different genre than the regional Mexican music.

Your videos have been made viral. And his athletic body is not given, only popularity of the two young people, Mariachi Pallet 1000, also, you break the scheme of traditional music group.

Jesus Jr. and Chadbi rangeto the conquered Shakira with the accession of #Champeta challengecreated after the Super Bowl, Now they are looking to revolutionize the concept of the traditional mariachi, because, in addition to sing, dance and play the violin, are boys fitnesstherefore, it is in addition a great number of followers.

The video, which recorded frenta the Cathedral of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

“In a few days are more than 15 million reproductions, the video of the champeta overall, across all the social networks,” she told the daily newspaper Reforma Jesus Palette, the father of two mariachi music, which you have given to the world with dance and musical Director of the group.

“Only the video, shared Shakira on Instagram has more than 6.6 million reproductions,” he added.

Jesus, Spectrum, Jr., the 29-year-old and Chadbi spectrum, 27, the already fallen to the popularity, therefore, started a few days ago, the #JLoTikTokChallenge and also, what viralizaron.

“J. There was retuit on its official and told (stories) of Instagram. And we are still waiting for what has been, for TikTok,” said Jesus Jr.

The musicians are surprised, what in this moment of glory, because the public of Latin America.

“We are the costume charro and what we do, from attractions. The first video was recorded in the parish of San Miguel de Allende and the second in the Palace of Fine arts. Imagine what this will generate everything for tourism”, said Jesus, the son.

According to viralizar the videos, now the young mariachi-music #MariachiLocoChallenge have published where dance, modern and popular Mexican song.

This video was recorded, in front of the monument of the Revolution in Mexico city, because in addition, they emphasize the architectural landmarks of the country.