For the first time, Kim Kardashian posing with his four children


And while the girls dressed like their mother, with a swimsuit of silver, the small posed with boxer shorts in the color gray and dark green. However, on this occasion more than the outfit, what struck the most was the band, it nearly covered the entire foot and ankle part of the North West.

After Kim Kardashian, North West, seemed to him a very cool idea going to be connected to the beach with a walk.

What happened to him? they had several followers, but not worried. Kim voice, the band is an ornament for your oldest daughter. “Nothing that he wanted to continue,” she said, trying the water had calmed down, a day before publishing a photo controversial.

This image (shared on Instagram) appears to be the small Chicago travel with a master’s degree from a snake . Kim he was very proud of them, and said, “my little girl, bravely, but his followers have not seen with the same eyes.