Fortnite die? The statistics says that, even before the play


On Twitch Fortnite very much like to read it, however, as the die of the game?

Currently, the production of the services, your stats on the player. The best way is a Test of the popularity of certain games thanks to Twitch, and Google Trends. These two things can often be easy to determine how games keep.

Fortnite on Twitch suffered greatly in the last few months.

Even in this Moment, LoL, DOTA or CS:GO on high positions.

Whether it is really so bad?

In this case, a look at Google Trends is worth it. Many youtuberów it has, just like the ones that Fortnite determine popularity. Only time will tell, however, plan on actually sees it in the average.

So Fortnite looks since the market introduction. To clearly see that include the reduction. And it shows in the community. However, in consideration of the services, the Fortnite on Twitch, it is a little bit of perspective changes.

Here you can see the comparison Fortnite with League of Legends, DOTA 2 and CS:GO. Although Fortnite it is still very much in front of other productions.

Of course it is not, the basis for determining how the market currently sees. This shows that Fortnite has not disappeared and is still far from the of dying.