Fortnite Royale Winter returns to the prize money amounts to 15 million US dollars


Epic Games Fortnite announced his return Royale the Winter. It is interesting that the upcoming competitions will be in the current year, and the price of almost all other tournaments, pool, overshadow, organized by the developers of the game, with the exception of the world Cup.

In this year’s edition Winter Royale, the task is to fix bugs, the it a year ago. The organizers before the competition is not removed from the game Infinity Blade sword, that gave a huge advantage to its owner. The prize Fund of the event, which will take place in the third week of December, up to 15 million US dollars is, what, in this respect, it is in the hierarchy, right behind the world Cup. Every day players can get, while one-third of the above amounts.

Fortnite Royale Winter 2019 includes three separate tournaments from 20 to 22. Each of them have a private account and the price of money. In the event, athletes from all regions and platforms can participate. It is important that each competition will be assigned a platform. To fight players, not forced on consoles, with those who play on computers and Vice versa. The event is available for every player.

Epic Games is not excluded, that exact Format, rules, the invited players. For more Details, the organizers will announce in the near future.