G1 – Jennifer Lawrence says the new ‘the hunger Games’ is nothing more


Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from 'the hunger Games: hope – part 1' (photo: Disclosure)Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from ‘the hunger Games: hope – part 1’ (photo: Disclosure)

People encapuzadas have been killed, according to estimates in “the hunger Games: hope – part 1”, the third part of the fantasy, dystopia, has for the female audience, a teenager, has their pre-debut on Tuesday night (10.). But the star, Jennifer Lawrence, don’t you think this is the plot of the more heavy duty to turn away spectators. In Brazil, the long one goes in sign on the 20. Day of November,

Fights to the death in the style of the old gladiators on the character of Lawrence, the Archer Katniss Everdeen, a symbol of female empowerment to the end. The action takes place in a previously unknown district 13, the U-Bahn, which is controlled by a President Alma Coin, played by Julianne Moore.

She is planning a war against the oligarchs and the President Coriolan snow (lived in by Donald Sutherland, the chief of the u. s. Capitol, is the nation of Panem, and the power, the youth of the elite, on the road every year, in the games broadcast on television, for the fun of it, to intimidate the population.

Asked whether he believes that it is the younger audience, you will be surprised how much the new film, in which the Capitol broadcasts a video shows the victim of encapuzadas fuziladas is, Lawrence said, “well, you know, we are moving on the journey to the Capitol”.

“It is not to go in the game, we are fighting a war for the truth between district 13 and the Capitol, so it’s only natural that things said, more and more serious in terms of plot and the graphics, as in district 13, we get a lot of time in the world”, at a press conference.

The films in the franchise, “the hunger Games”, based on the the best-selling Suzanne Collins, has already grossed over$ 1.6 billion around the world. The film’s Director, Francis Lawrence, has said that the film is faithful to the books, and the fans want it that way.

“To be honest with you, I think that’s part of the reason why the children need to know, how you react, how you respond to these books and movies is that they are not looked down upon, treated like adults,” he said.

Sutherland, whose character, President Snow, has the appearance of a typical grandfather-in-kind, the beard is white, but it is the purpose of the incarnation of the evil, and said, you hope that the film is to inspire at least, the young people gain the power of the ballot box and rid the world of people like snow.

“The figure which I interpret, is an oligarch that exists particularly in the United States, but also around the world, certainly in the Western world, and you need to pay bills,” he said.