G1 – Jennifer Lawrence, the criticism in the article, the gender pay gap in Hollywood is


The text was published in the newsletter, arranged by Lena Dunham, the ‘girls’.
‘Why did I get less than male colleagues?’, the question of the actress.

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet (picture: AP)Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet (picture: AP)

“When it comes to the topic of feminism, I remained somewhat quiet. But much of the conversation comes to a change, so I try to be honest and open, and with fingers crossed, don’t bother nobody,” says Jennifer Lawrence, in an article for the newsletter, Lenny, hosted by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, coprodutora of the series “girls”.

In her essay entitled, “Why should I earn less than male colleagues?”, the actress speaks openly for the first time, after a cache less than three male colleagues with whom she starred in the movie “Deception”, the information revealed that in an exchange of e-mails between Amy Pascal, vice chairman of Sony, and colleagues from other companies.

Although he received a prize from the Academy under her belt, Lawrence’s the equivalent of 7% of the profits from the film at the box office, the same one that Amy Adams was nominated four times for the award. The value is lower than the 9 percent earmarked for Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner.

“If the leak is from Sony, it happened, and I found out how much I paid for it, the people who are lucky, have a baby, I was not angry at Sony. I’m angry at myself. I missed it, as a dealer, because I had to give, in advance. I didn’t want to continue to fight, for the sake of the millions of dollars, said quite frankly, because the two franchises, and I don’t want to,” says the actress. click here to read the full text in English):

“I didn’t want to seem like a difficult or spoiled,” he said. “And then, on the basis of the statistics, I don’t think I’m the only woman with this problem. Will it be that we behave socially conditioned in this way? It is also a habit to could Express, was to attempt our opinions in a certain way, that it is not ‘offended’ or ‘scared’ of people?”