In bikini and back. Jennifer Lopez pillada by the paparazzi: “I hung up!”


Jennifer Lopez

01. March 2020
(12:06 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it seems that you did not Bowl made sit problems, according to the show of the mid-level in the Super. And has been the singer of New York to a standstill, your physical activity after a couple of last months, very intense between the classes pole dancer for the film ‘Estafadoras Wall Street’ and the preparation for the show with Shakira.

This month I’ve gained several pounds, and what we have seen a couple of pictures, the paparazzi they attract could on the beach with his partner Alex Rodriguez.

Although he was in bikini, and back, it’s not a picture to remember the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, the man only by better days.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez 2

Sharp criticism

Your haters appeared after the emergence of these photos, to shout, against the artist from new york, and warn that “they hung up”. And is that in the pictures we can see a Jennifer Lopez, on certain problems on the back.

The singer also contracts, the Christians have because of the show in the Super Bowl to qualify was attacked by several of the collective, of “pornographic”.

A few multi-million-dollar

Alex Rodriguez was one of the athletes who have made more money the whole story, and her heritage is estimated at 350 million dollars, a donkey for someone who once formerly most expensive transfer in the history of the sport, appeared to Neymar.

However, Jennifer Lopez to overcome it, and it is estimated has a fortune of 400 million U.S. dollars, increases by approximately 40-50 million per year in the last three years.