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Jennifer Lopez

The interesting news of the day with the eye-catching video-sharing-Jennifer Lopez in their networks had much to tell of the various details.

As the birthday party of the daughter of Adamari and Toni Costa and the name of the new baby by Enrique Iglesias are in the media.

Stay with us and learn the news, and more flaps.

1. The video of the 10-million-Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez she is the diva of divas, and wanted to turn up the heat in the winter, with a video-sharing social networks, where it is estimated that in the sun, he had to fast for 10 million views and a lot of finger up.

And although some are impressed by the video of the beautiful figure of the bride, A-Rod was in order, there were others who noticed the details of the face of the singer, has earned the admiration of his 50 years, but most of the fans of the singer stressed the wonderful Browning of the artist.

“No one likes the shade on the beach”, was the comment, with the J. you put the video.

2. The surprise party by Alaia

Last Wednesday, Alaia, daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa met, 5 years old, and life, and their proud parents gave him a surprise party, loved the little.

So you can clearly by the several videos of the celebration, jointly by the beautiful puerto rico in your account of Instagram, which shows how the girls in the company of more than a half-dozen friends, play, paint and have fun. Yes, Alaia was the Queen of the celebration and so a crown of paper confirms that contributed to a good part of the party.

“We have chicken and pizza, that was what they wanted,” said the presenter of A New Díá in your social networks, via the menu. In addition to Alaia, a delicious cake with figurines of a farm at the end, had a touch of magic and charm in the party.

3. Lili Estefan is the new detractora Irina Baeva

The controversy again to Irina Baeva continue to grow, and that after the attacks of Laura Bozzo and of the supervisor, Jomari Goyso, now The love of Lili Estefan, who is her husband asked, and in the past year, after a half living together, he threw himself against the Russian.

By the side of Geraldine Bazan again, clamped the Thin to the Thick, if the Cubans said that the culprit was not Irina, but Gabriel Soto, what bothered, the moderator, who warned that “no man goes into a house, if it is to penetrate another woman”.

To authorize “with what face you are a woman, if you destroy the other?”, added Lili, with the warning that “it was not there an example for no one”, that he was married with a man.

4. Show the name of the daughter of Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin announced their next tour, starting in september, and in an interview with ET Online, English, the survey about their parenting was and said very happy.

The son of Julio Iglesias, who welcomed his third daughter a few weeks ago, said that the only drawback is that you don’t fall asleep.

“I’m not sleeping, but what I great! I mean, not what you would for anything in the world,” said the singer, who at the same time revealed that the name of their little daughter, Mary, and the home will tell you, Masha, means, Maria in Russian, the language of his wife, Anna Kournikova.

5. René Perez confesses that she suffers from depression

René Pérez, better known as residents, was gone a long time, the music scene and now it is advertising for his subject “René”, is a confession sincere about his life, the people of puerto rico is known also, that you are under depression.

In an interview with BBC world, the Puerto Rican admitted that they have so much influence in the death of his best friend, and that’s not hayaba in the world.

“I think that to me is what happened to me, was for the implementation of a lot of things over the years. Everything aguanté years I exploded in one night. He grabbed me in a tour, and with twenty thousand situations to me. Was grab weight from all sides, and it was madness, couldn’t control it,” said the singer, who does support who suffer from depression, never wanted to try because they fear the drugs.