Julia, the granddaughter of supporters, driven by his grandfather’s own home – world


Vincent Moreda took advantage of the Holy week, so if you from Madrid to Cartagena, and a visit to the woman who lives in a home in the port area are already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. At the age of 87 years, Vincent had not expected to touch the phone, as it is in the past of the day, the 26 is about to happen. May, as you say, that it is your granddaughter, along with his girlfriend, had taken the floor, where he / she lives on the street of Atocha, in Madrid, Spain. It began as a story that seems far from over, and the Paula, the granddaughter, is “pendant”.

In a statement in El Españolthe family of a young man-there is no question: the girl is not 18 years of age, acting for its own account, and Ainhoa, his girlfriend, allegedly had “a great influence” on the behavior of the girls. “You have to be together, because you are only 18 years old, changed the locks, put in an alarm, you are to let them in the apartment, the smaller they are the brothers of the family of Paula. There is a cat hidden in it with the tail from the outside, there are people that bring things on the head of my daughter,” says her mother, Like the Church and the young people desire to give to the family, to leave them a rent for an apartment, the house, in Europe. The work, which do not have Paula, and it was only in secondary school.

The mother ensures that the case will be solved by the legal way – Amelia and Vincent have already filed a lawsuit against the couple. Paula, you can be sentenced to a term of between three and five years in prison.

Before it was in the news of the grand-daughter of “supporters”, “Paula” in the Newspapers of Spain for their excellent sport that made him one of the best hopes for the rhythmic gymnastics in the country. Thereafter, he devoted himself to the speed, and at the age of 16 years, he was the only driver, murciana, which was oficalmente.

Early childhood is characterized by an education in the Marist brothers ” schools does not prevent some of the behaviors, the rebels, the newspaper said, as the color on the head of a pink, or put a piercing in your nose. But the serious problems started after that: the young man desinterou of the study, and was expelled from the lyceum school for threatening a teacher. Later, a false report, the attacked against his father, the accused. The altitude of the complaints, the love, it came to pass, as he was a family threatened a member with a knife. With the age of 16, was sentenced to stay in a rehabilitation centre for minors, under the semi-open twelve months.

The mother showed that at the time, Smoking of the young man of marijuana, and who has been diagnosed with a personality disorder, was the first in which he was admitted to the hospital. The family sent him to the other, in the city of Cartagena, with the process continue. The output of this site has created a gap between the parents, a divorce. The mother felt that her daughter still in the hospital, because the process was not completed, the father, spoke against it and took it to Madrid, Spain. It was there that he met Ainhoa, and turned back to the papers.