Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to move their wedding in Japan


Only a day after the announcement of her pregnancy Katy Perry to with move has decided to bring to your wedding Orlando Bloom. The interpreter Roar they fear that the coronavirus can lead to problems, on their 150 guests, reports Peopleand moves the link, which will take place in Japan. “Katy was really excited to walk to the altar pregnant,” a source close to the couple, but the spread of the COVID-19, the has made, especially in Asia, said you need to move your plans as a preventive measure.

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“Both of them were thrilled that all the details of the wedding will merge eventually, but they are in the break due to the coronavirus”. All caution is necessary, because the figures show that more than 98,000 people were diagnosed with the coronavirus and 3.356 patients died due to the infection fatal. The pregnancy of Perry took the concerns of the partners.

The news of the postponement comes a day after the singer Firework they surprised their fans with the announcement of their pregnancy. In their new single Never worn white, suspected of aspiring tripita with a vaporoso white dress will let you be the overview of your curves, and the Scripture speaks of the fears he had, the commitment and the how was ready to find happiness. “I’ve never dressed in white, and I want to also fix” or “I really want to say, ‘Yes, I want to'”, evidence to prove that more and more companies are in the proximity of a man and a woman. The singer Dark Horse actor and The Lord of the rings they committed themselves to the 14. February 2019, and a year later they have announced their impending fatherhood.


– What a surprise! Katy Perry announces, is expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom

“A lot of things this summer, not only did I light literally, but also figuratively, is to come something that you’ve long been waiting for”. These words relate to your new album, that it seems to come at the same time with your babya child makes a special joy, his fiancee. “We are excited and happy,” says Orlando Bloom. For you to her first child, while he’s been there, a child of 9 years, Flynn, the result of his relationship with Miranda Kerr:

For the moment, a couple of months more wait to the the ‘Yes, I want to’. It is not the first time that the couple move their wedding, so December have been in the month, due to its intense pace of work. For both artists it will be his second marriage. Orlando married Miranda Kerr in 2010 and divorced in the year 2013, after the parents of the little Flynn, who, although still a very good price for the well-being of your child. Coincidentally, the same year in which the actor and the model Yes said ‘I want to do the same Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brandalthough their relationship lasted for a little less. In 2011, broke on a full tour of the singer after just 14 months of marriage.

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Avoid posing together to form a family: the story of the love of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom