Kim Kardashian with ex booty in the White house


Kim Kardashian West attended yesterday at the White house with three women received the decree of the judgment by the President Donald Trump in the last month.

The celebrities shared their social networks, discuss some pictures of his visit and said that they planned to more changes you need for the justice system of the United States.

The three women who accompany you, Tynice Nichole Hall, Crystal Munoz, and Judith Negronthey were the perpetrators of the Covenant not violent and were sentenced to long prison terms, up to the placement of Kardashian in front of Trump.

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Since socialite, entrepreneur, model, American and public figure, began his studies in the school of law decided, a turning point in his life, because your goal is to build a a great advocate.

If you know a little about their history reccordarás, which, in turn, Kim Kardashian, the daughter of a famous lawyer in the United States Robert Kardashian.

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In the footsteps of his father, now the wife of Kanye West the goal of your career against the human rights tend to be, taking into account that she is a woman quite famous and well-known is the opportunity, wrapped up in the political issues of the country, the investigated now, laws had been.

It should be remembered that Kim was, by citing a documentary in a prison, the project Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Projectin the center of the treatment of a Correctional facility in Washington.

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The intention of the woman Kanye West is, show the results of a reform, which began in the prisons, since he studies a lot of attention attracted to the fact that negotiated for the release of 17 prisoners met sentences to life in prison for offences in connection with drugs.

Without a doubt, Kim achieved an excellent lawyer although you don’t stop you already have enough earrings in your life, like your family, your company and your career laws, from the side, none of your projects, although to be someone who will give pretty much always busy, a time for everything.

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