Kobe Bryant: Beyonce sang a song and moved them all at her funeral


Kobe Bryant: Beyonce sang a song and moved all to his funeral – THE NATION

The artist Beyoncé sang “Halo” and moving all the


he sang “Halo” at the opening of the funeral of Kobe Bryant and aroused emotions, tears and applause to the basquetbolista and

NBA legend died in an accident with the helicopter

the past is for the 26 of 41 years.

During the ceremony, the celebration of the life of


and his daughter


the singer of “Single ladies”, a close friend of the exestrella of the Lakers, helped to start the event at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

“I’m here because I called for the love of Kobe, and that was one of his favorite songs, so I would like to start again, but I would like to, that we are all in this together and I would like the song so much that you love”, Beyoncé.

No funeral procession for the former, because their mortal remains were buried in a private ceremony performed at 7. February in Orange County. The local police asked the fans, so that those entries are not in the vicinity of the zone.

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