Kylie Jenner with pink hair is the best inspiration for the weekend


  • Kylie Jenner has changed from ‘look’, and now climbs on the wagon of the pink hair. What a surprise, eh?
  • Kylie Jenner break Instagram with a braid XXL with the one that looks like Rapunzel.

    At this point, that Kylie Jenner do not change the appearance of reason, to the surprise, for anyone. Or should not be the case, you can proceed. And since we are not talking of small changes in your hair, the not. You almost always it does nothing, a few mechitas subtle or anything. To see there are exceptions, without going any further, a few days ago, brown made it clear. But we, it is not uncommon that every time the small clan Kardashian-Jenner can add a twist to your image, hallucinate us. Has led him to that point, blue, green, mint, orange, peach, purple… and Yes, of course, many of these occasions is a wig. Have you seen he a little while ago in an intense yellow? And the most incredible thing of all, put you on game with its add-ons. It is worth it because the new has done it again and it has a pink color.

    After your incredible holiday in the Bahamas, Kylie still in the mood to celebrate, and it was the birthday of one of her best friends, Victoria Villarroel. Yes, what was your personal assistant and that he will leave his post ‘influencer’. For the occasion, Jenner decided to a wig pink as we would not wrote to us only. But be careful, it is not the first time, to do it, because it led so in 2018, how many other ‘celebs’.

    Kylie Jenner loves change hair, and now it is pink

    Kylie Jenner has change again, the hair and now wears a wig.


    Kylie Jenner has change again, the hair and now wears a wig.

    Kylie JennerInstagram

    Kylie Jenner has change again, the hair and now wears a wig.

    Victoria VillarroelInstagram

    As we Kylie Jenner crown can already officially, as the QUEEN of changes to the ‘look’? Of truth, do not do it. Look, without going any further, on your trip to the Bahamas a piece of led braid Rapunzel (was extended), with which he left us completely flipadas. Well, recently his hair first showed us on Instagram (she’s in the color jet black!), since we were pretty despistadas.

    What is the next step, Kylie?