Pasaban and the tribute to Jennifer Loper with your look in front of a great guy


15 years ago Edirne the sixth in the fourth edition was Operation Triumph. A talent show it opens the doors of fame, and would allow us to see with success in the time as a tv presenter. The expected popular new boots cowboy, according to his interpretation of the theme These Boots Are Made for Wakin’ Nancy Sinatra in this room, television was not only the visit of the Academy, but to rise again on the stage. An opportunity, indirect, reminded Jennifer Lopez by her appearance, because she led a design with trick in front of a great guy and that you have already tried the American star.

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To life last Sunday, during the Gala 7 OT 2020, Edirne back to the excitement and climb on to the stage this talent show as you would 15 years ago (hours before the Academy held a conversation with the participants of this edition to meet more in the vicinity). This time, it didn’t versio Nando no success in a foreign, but a private. In particular, he played his last work Too late. But what only knew a few that her styling-Yes, that was a nod to another star song, i.e., Jlo. In this way, both combine unexpected stylesto understand although your shape, the fashion is very different.

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In particular, Edirne, he opted for a blue suit with brocade, the jacket is accompanied by a a strategic trick with the achieved great guy look. And this is at the height of the waist has a drawstring allows scores to a maximum of garment and an effect estilizador achieve magical. It is interesting to note that this establishment was Jennifer Lopez in charge, to make such a request, since it belongs to the collection of brand GUESS has released with the pop star as a model exception. However, Jlo opt for a version in yellow, much more flattering brunette hair. Price 249, – euro.