Peter Phillips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II is aimed at the young child in China, and it generated controversy. This is the stage! – Notes – Glamurama


In the world of advertising, Peter Phillips, it seems, after a Cup of milk for the brand, and it speaks about a child / Credit: the Playlist

The Royal family is full of controversy, and to Peter Phillips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is the goal. According to the newspaper “The Sun”, is the child of the Princess Anne did not like anything to star in a campaign for a brand of milk in China. Both in the video as the image of the brand promotion, the grandson of the Queen, is introduced as “a member of the British Royal family, Peter Phillips”. The credit next to the picture was supplemented by the records of the son of a Princess sipping milk, and a hand holding a Cup. You don’t have to stop there: in advertising, Peter says that it was built on the farm of your mother is always with the drinking. Phillips, the 15 names left in the line of succession to the British throne, and the Problem came exactly at the same time that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, decided to the Royal Palace. The film for the campaign, please click here.