Presented to “Miss Americana” – the documentary about Taylor Swift


The documentary, amazon has Netflix on Taylor Swift appreciates all the defects, which do not arise in a piece of this kind should. First, it is obvious that the control of the product is by the artist and his environment is so great, it overrides any other message than the one that the protagonist would like to show you. The other is to recognize that the absence of explanations about the characters, not to go further than his mother, to him, a sound so to hold, and is too monotonous, the just out of boredom, all those who do not trailer supplied by Taylor Swift. And finally, you lose the chance, in the face of intimate of the singer, although the documentary intends to cheat on you and you think, Yes, that you did it. And then try on the basis of a lot of moments, the work allegedly ‘intimate’ with the artist show. Moments, the not do in reality, to exist as to the ability of the artists to compose their own songs, although all the shots of Taylor works in the study, side-by-side with his producers, with an aura of artificiality, the cause of the shot you run from the cylinder head.

The case is, if you look clearly, after the film, is that Taylor Swift is not more than another victim of the terrible American dream. This lie is based on the competitiveness of extreme and absolute desire to be the best, at any price. The good white girl and a Christian, everyone wants you as a girlfriend, daughter or daughter-in-law. The same you find only happiness, what is higher. Therefore, if you are the attacks of the media that you accuse of being wrong and the computer, and projected the same image of perfection in all hours, the girl crumbles, until they reached the point, in that the map disappear, re-invent, the one with a disk on which to Express what it is. A process of salvation found in the love of a couple that is not displayed, will give you enough power to re-learns, Matures, and stronger than ever before. If you think that it seems the script for a bad movie produced by Disney, you’re right.

In my opinion the most interesting of the film happens towards the end of the same, and it is all about entering into the arena of policy by the artists themselves, with the support of her mother, decides to position themselves in their home state in favor of the candidate for senator by the Democrats, will be taken against the Republicans for the drift, the politics Trump against homosexuals and the rights of women. A decision that plays an important role in the judgment, the artists found themselves, as groped in public by a journalist on the radio. And although it is true that the feeling of Manichaeism agreed to fly over this part of the band, it is not less true that in an industry like pop music, some artists can be very expensive, this positioning be. In addition to Taylor, the numerous pressure of your environment that you do overcomes the tables, as a reminder of the case of the Dixie Chicks, the be taken as a paradigm.

In the end, what lives on after the movie, there is a feeling of emptiness, which is proportional to the loneliness, the projected, and even Taylor Swift. To mitigate a feeling that you try a little with a forced dinner at home with a partner of the childhood in which they speak of the maternity of a other of her friends. One of these require to be the mother, like as in the last tape and collides with the reality of the phonebook, you have enslaved it. So in the end you don’t know whether comparecerte or simply chillarle a clear: Taylor ¡Espabila!