Rihanna to recognize at the award ceremony for the Image Awards [Espectáculos] – 05/02/2020


Mexico city, Mexico.- The American singer Rihanna will be honored with the award ” President during the 51st edition of the NAACP Image Awards takes place on 22. February next and televisarán for the first time live.

The National Association for the advancement of people of colored people (NAACP, for its acronym in English) announced on 4. February the also actress and businesswoman, born in Barbados, on 20. in February 1988, and nationalized U.S., was chosen to receive this award for their “innovative career as an artist and musician“but also because the “signed on as the official public stellar”, reported international media.

For the first time the ceremony will be televised live from the city of Pasadena, California. Derrick Johnson, President of the NAACP, argued that the artist who gets nine Grammy awards, “embodies the type of character, grace and devotion to the justice that seeks the organization to emphasize”.

In previous years, the winner of the artist Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson, Condoleezza Rice and Jay z have been

On the eve of the fashion designer caused a furore in the social networks with the “look” of the spring, and as part of the presentation of his new collection of lingerie. It is a mane in the style of the ‘ 70s, purple, that they dazzled their fans.