Salma Hayek: beauty is in Cannes, in the defense of the equality of women


Salma Hayek: beauty is in Cannes, in the defense of the equality of women

The stunning actress Salma Hayek, in Cannes, southern France, AFP reports

On the day of the Arabic-Mexican Salma Hayek, 50′, showed his more chameleon on the Cannes film Festival to show three colors in hair-in the last 24 hours: – pink, black, and brown. Your participation in the exhibition in French is also included harsh criticism of the sexism in the film.

On Monday (22), Salma attended a dinner with the star, wearing a pink hair. On Tuesday (23. September) in the morning you had cut your hair, flat black and flat, with a chat about the place of women in the film industry. In the evening, the actress on the red carpet, went to the festival, showing, hair, brown, shoulder-length.

Hayek, a starring role in films such as “Frida” (2002), “The Ballad of a Gunfighter” (1995), in Cannes in the company of her husband, the magnate François-Henri Pinault.

Earlier, she reveals, during a forum on the topic of ” women in the world of the film, on the sidelines of the exhibition, in French, you will not have been the beginning of a career made easy: a woman and an Arab-Mexican, “around the world, ria” from her dream of becoming an actress.

“I arrived in Hollywood not only as a woman but as an Arab-Mexican. People made fun of me for a dream,” says the actress, Hayek said, is 50 years old, she was the daughter of a Lebanese father.

“It was the only Mexican and Latin at the school of dramatic art, with the exception of Benicio del Toro, of puerto Rico, that is, half of the United States, he is a man. No ria with him. It also made fun of me in Mexico, ( … ), as well As to all the actors and all studios,” in cinema,” she added.

The actress has attacked the attitude of macho in the heart of the American theater, where less than 7% of films are directed by women.

“Is it true that if you are nice, you can paper over it easily, but it is very Brutal and you have to assume that if you’re nice, necessarily, is stupid,” he said. And in Hollywood, “when you realize that you are intelligent, then their anger, increased it”.

For many of you-those who, like the objects that the show brought.

“They say, “we bring in a project, and the project comes up to you and say,” oh, in the best case we will earn money. Then, one day, you will see that the community knows how to count and say, ‘go ahead and kill a part of!'”.

The producers and the other heavy hitters in Hollywood, “don’t you know that we, as women, we are in a major economic power. You understand that we do not, he said in for a large target group,”.

It is to be celebrated that the situation of women in the world of the film to be more favourable, especially in France, where one in four films directed by you, Hayek is not the act of speaking, the evil, the you also to the Festival de Cannes.

“In the 70s, the film festival of Cannes, only one woman, the Palme d’or has been won, and only got half of it, because we had it with a man,” he said.

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