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Victoria’s Secret defends a model for the women in very specific terms, which by their slenderness. In Savage x-Code has passed all kinds of sizes. Victoria’s Secret has been detained for 15 years, joining the company of models, from the canons of beauty, as in the case of transsexuals. In Savage x-Code has passed all kinds of women. And singer Rihanna, the owner of the company showed in the fashion week in New York a couple of happy, the in the parade in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. However, the recording of the show (there was more than a simple parade) is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The artist is that he has a line of make-up and other sport clothing (Fenty Beauty Fenty Puma), launched the lingerie brand in the year 2018, after consultation with the company’s tech style Fashion. His intention was to show the variety of bodies between the women, in the rule of advertising there is, you design the product according to a certain public. Therefore, in parade have taken part this month, were models with different breeds and sizes, with disabilities, limbs, tattoos, and transsexuals. Something quite different is, as it is converted, the habit of industry, and in particular the signature, which became famous for its models angels with wings. “We want the women to feel that they are not excluded, just because they size differently. All women deserve to feel sexy, we are sexy, we are extremely multi-faceted, and I want the women presses, you feel the maximum,” said Rihanna at the end of the event.

During the 40 minutes the parade lasted also were able to see several famous faces, such as the models face Delavingne, Joan Smalls, and sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, and were angels of Victoria’s Secret. “I accept all the body. I don’t have the genetics of a girls of Victoria’s Secret and also I feel very nice and safe with my linen,” said the singer in an interview Vogue.

Savage x Fenty offered a fashion event and music, as it was usual with fashion, the s look from Victoria’s Secret. Rihanna, with a number of black lace, opened the show with a dance. The choreographies were by the dancer Parris Goebel, during the event, to the rhythm of artists such as Normani, Halsey, Migos, Big Sean, Diplo, and DJ Khaled. This is not the first move of the company, he is also in New York last year, but this time he had the incentive, the musical numbers and the recording and distribution of the show via Amazon.

Rihanna, with your 31 years, the singer richest in the world according to the magazine Forbeswith assets 600 million us dollars, more than 532 million euros. In this way, the great divas such as Beyoncé, Madonna or Celine Dion surpasses. The largest part of your income comes from your online cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, created in the years 2017 and achieved a turnover of 570 million euros in the first 15 months France Press. In fact, Rihanna is not practicing more now, as an entrepreneur, as a singer, as they released a disc of 2016, the year started Anti.

His jump has brought in the fashion, design shoes, Manolo Blanik, to jeans and underwear for Armani, in addition to the manufacture of jewellery for Chopard. Last may, an agreement with LVMH, the conglomerate of companies of greatest luxury in the world —they have bought companies such as Givenchy, Loewe and Dior— Code lock. In this way, Rihanna became the first woman the management of one’s own property in the multi-national and in the first designer, the black at the top of a brand of the company.

From Barbados had one thing clear, if you founded Savage x-Code: embed all types of women in your signature. Rihanna has found a new form of expression in the femininity of the lingerie: “Literally, I see your body as a work of art, and in fact, we can create a strong visual impact thanks to”.