Scarlett Johansson, tells the surprises in the Black Widow


The main actress and producer of the The Black Widownext Version Marvel Studios, Scarlett Johansson he made a video of behind-the-scenes and for the feature in “” I’m trying to give you some of the due to in the adventure land of Natasha Romanoff. I had the grace, the displayed stars, the in the The oscars in 2020 for The Story Of A Marriage and Well With The Real World let us understand that the new Film has a special appearance by another actor in the WITH see above.

The main cast also Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbour. In the film land of the The Black Widow it will be published in the April 30, and it was directed by the Cate Shortland.

Read on for the synopsis of the film:In the Black widow, a spy thriller full of action, Marvel Studios, and Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow – confronts us with the darkest part of his profession, when it is connected into a dangerous conspiracy involving her past. Pursued by a relentless force that wants to take it, and you must be with your history as a spy, and the relationships are broken that you left when you became an avenger.