Selena Gomez reminds of the origins and triggers rumors of a documentary about his life


The singer was on 9. september to your “old” school

The cantante Selena Gomez surprised the pupils of her former school, Danny Jones Middle Schoolduring your visit in Mansfield, Texas, their old home.

“Hello students of the school Danny Jones, ands Selena Gomez-who says you“greeted the singer by the system microphones in the school.

The also an actress, was in his home town burn, documentaryaccording to the magazine reported Popsugar, he talks about his childhood and the memories that you have of this time in this place.

On this trip I wanted my best friend Courtney and the people from my label only to show you where I grew up and how proud I am of my origin. I met some of my teachers were a part of my life for such a long time,” said the actress to the official YouTube channel of the school.

The actress was in conversation with pupils and students, taking photos of anyone who wanted it and with speak, who your teachers were.

A account of Instagram captured some of the moments, the actress, together with the students. “Hey, Yes I have problems sometimes, but I had good grades, I promise“confessed Gomez before leaving a classroom.

Honestly, I thought not, that would be as good as she was, knew not, that would be a part of it, so I’m actually very happy“said the producer.

“As a student, Selena was very modest and had a Ghost is very friendly and unrelenting, a hard worker, and a girl, very neat,” said walker, among other things, Gray turned, the former coach of Gomez.

“I still remember very well the day he and Jones would go: went to the gym with their roles in the removal from school and asked me if I write and I told him, of course. After I asked him where he went and she told me, to Miami,Florida when I asked you, why you, I’ve mentioned that I live in a small Disney film’“said Gray, received the news with disbelief. “Sometimes the children are able to reach the primary school, to overdo it,” said coach Gray.

Gomez went to the school, she came to greet pupils in your living room, in the gym, and even in the school cafeteria.

“I must say, that this district has grown a lot and I’m very proud of, because the has allowed him to many of the children have the chance to receive education, what would you say, is that although it is very difficult, it’s worth it. I I was never a student good grades, but I think it’s really important, and I also believe that it is essential to ensure that you are friendly with someone. So, if you see, eat,how s with me, happened to me when he was here, because it is only a question of say ‘Hello’ and support you in school and say that everything is possible for you“added the actress, the it was also recognized, as he grew up, the home where.

It is rumored that Gomez is working on new music, as a source of land said the news shows, Entertainment Tonight the fans can hear new material before the next year.

“Selena has been working on new music and shows a different side to you personally and. Selena has much exceeded in the last few years and is ready to work with the world can share, “said the source.

The singer also left some cryptic messages on her Instagram, “just so you know, I see your comments and I’m working on it“published by the former Disney star in recognition of the impatience of their fans.