Selena Gomez returns to the music


Selena Gomez announced his return to music with “Lots of you to love me”, new musical production after a few years of hiatus after the release of the album “Revival” in the year 2015.

Through their social networks, the singer, a picture in black-and-informed-and-white, and is informed on the 23.October.

The successor of Gomez reaccionarion immediately after the publication received more than a million “likes” and were thrilled by the news.

INSTAGRAM / youtube

Recently, Selana several messages on Twitter and Instagram published as a photo of you smiling girl with a soft and long hair, which she says, “we Always do blind.”

The answer of the supporters of the actress, who is in the social networks, that parts of letters and videos a couple of new songs.

“The pink glasses were all distorted,” wrote next to his picture to the top and cover with a top.

He was also a clip with no sound and shows the facade of a theatre-cinema with the legend, “and I Saw the signs and ignored”, accompanied by a label of the streaming platform Spotify, and his followers believe, it is a segment, a new music video.

Already in June last year in an interview that he is in the program, Jimmy Fallon, the singer said that he terminated the recording from your hard drive, but he has no details about the date of its publication.

With information from EFE.