Selena Gomez shows Justin Bieber said about his new song


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Selena Gomez he spoke about the controversy caused by the start “Lots of you to love meTo fail “(to me, love me) where include phrases such as “in two months we have reemplazaste” and “the Chapter is closed and completed,” for many it was a reference to the separation of Justin Bieber.

In an interview for the radio show of Ryan Seacrest, the singer revealed that the song the wrote about a year ago, but she did not.the issue of burn since needed time to improve your mood

“The me take a moment to really feel the feelings that I go through is not easy, I know, I am so grateful to have.

“It is also strange because I get this song a year ago, and it is as if I felt differently than I do, this is a feeling very interesting,” he said.

Gomez he explained that it took some years of peace, depression to overcome, to a large extent by his health condition, the need of a kidney transplant in the year 2017 and after the start “Lots of you to love me“, Justin Bieber chatted with her, your opinion about the single.

“She said that she was beautiful, it was hard,” he said.

Finally, Selena Gomez an insured person feels a sense of relief, and that the topic is part of an album, in which you have worked for four years.