Taylor Swift celebrates the 13-year-old her debut album


A day like today, but in 2006, the singer, the 29-year-old Taylor Swift; he made his debut in the music industry thanks to their eponymous albumand, as expected, the singer was allowed to not pass up the opportunity, on the occasion of the tenth the third birthday of their album.

Through an emotional post on Instagram, Taylor thanked the fans for their support during this 13-year careerso, used, a comparison between a throwback, where the singer in one of her first presentations, and a current photo, a part of their Reputation Tourwhere you can see the place with a full total.

“13 years ago, I said this in an interview ‘I Hope for a second album as good as the first, and to reach one day be headlinerand always the man, I still’ take a look at your posts today I filled me of emotion and I would like to thank you for that; because for you there was a 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°, 6° and 7° album. Me, a were have headliner because they wanted to see, to touch me; and your support in all these years have helped me to stay on, like those girls that started it all. #13yearsoftaylorswift“said the singer in the description for the publication.

Taylor is currently

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift has been known as one of the favorites in music, currently the singer is promoting his seventh studio album, “the Lover”is , and which was published on 22 august and in the words of the composer, it is an album of “celebrate the love, its complexity and chaos.”

Taylor Swift could Love the record of Michael Jackson, you

As well the singer is nominated in 5 categories in the American Music Awardsamong those Favorite Artist” and “Favorite Music Video to stand out “”. If Taylor wins at least 2 of these categories, the singer would Pop break the record of the king ofwho is in Love with 24 prices, while Swift, 23, has yet.