Taylor Swift has something to say, the song of Selena Gomez | music


Who has not heard of Lots of you to love methe ballad has released Selena Gomez? Sure, only a few of the hand-have raised, because it is one of the issues that has aroused most interest in the last few days.

Many have played as a the final farewell to Jelenathe relationship that so many back-and-forth, the main role in addition to Justin Bieber. Its history dates back to 2010. Almost a decade of UPS and downs. The last chance that remained to them together, up to March 2018. After a few months (two, depending on the Lots of you to love mehe was already Hailey Baldwin married last september.

The environment of Selena has always shown that they saw his thing was a relationship toxic and the Canadians didn’t like them, because they believed him, it was more bad than good.

It seems that everything now surpassed, at least from her, and that is, in this deflagration, the world-analyzed and under the microscope. But the message is clear, and you can tell.

Or Yes, because now is the time to position themselves, not more of a story of two. Taylor Swift what he has done. It was clear who the party would be. “This song is a perfect expression of healing, and absolutely my favorite song from them has posted“he wrote in his stories.

“I love you, Selena,” she added, even if it’s still BFF. The last time that we saw together in public was in the year 2018 during the tour Reputation in the Swift, he invited his girlfriend on stage. The beginning of this year, also saw we share a edition for girls. A possibility, the rumors spoke of a distancing between them.

Gestures like these, to remind you, that since the friends made in the year of 2008, when Taylor came up with Joe Jonas and Selena, with his brother Nick Jonasalways have a the other supports. And in this much-anticipated presentation, was not to be different.