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The story of Jay-Z is the embodiment of the American dream, but in his version is more raw. You sell drugs on the streets of Brooklyn, and has learned to respect a rapper more, and the first thing a billionaire can be achieved. Artists, entrepreneurs, and, of course, the other half of the tandem that is unstoppable with his wife, the singer Beyonce, today, 50 years to one of the most important figures in the world of the spectacle.

The small one of four siblings, he grew up in the Marcy Projects, a quarter of social housing in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of nine, he began to rap, he is alone in your kitchen. 11, her father left her. 12, shot himself in the shoulder of one of his brothers was addicted to crack. And soon he made a name for himself (and a small fortune) in the neighborhood as the dealer.

“In many forms, this is the America of Jay-Z how is the America of Obama, Trump, and Martin Luther King”, defends the sociologist Michael Eric Dyson in his new book Jay-Z: Made in America (Jay-Z: made in America). This expert, working for more than 10 years, will give a course on the rapper at the University of Georgetown, catalogued as a cultural icon: “it Is one of the has seen the best poet, of this country”.

Literary quality aside —Yes, it was, at least, the first rapper, conquered a place in the hall of fame of the composer, in the year 2017, the numbers are undisputed. Since he made his debut album in 1996, Reasonable doubtso far, 22 Grammy awards and more than 100 million albums sold. The musician, with more number one albums in the United States, 14, and had as a protected superstars such as Rihanna and Kanye West.

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Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy Carter, at the Grammy awards, New York city, in the year 2018. Getty Images

It is known to burn legend, comes without wrote a single line on the paper. His talent has led him to very high. Even more, what he saw himself. In 2005, when in an interview with the magazine GQ they indicated that they could achieve their happiness, the 350 million us dollars, he laughed: “I don’t know where these figures. I wish someone to give me some of that money!”. Maybe it was a tactic to distract. Or you can not imagine just that, 14 years later, he was the first rapper in the location, add an asset with the value of 1,000 million us dollars, according to estimates by the magazine Forbes.

The fame comes from their music, but the money is mainly fruit of his business ventures. He started with them, before even that he had a hole in the hip hopso you decided, and you have to assemble your own independent record company, Roc-A-Fella Records, their debut album. Today, in your Kingdom has stakes in the millions to companies like Uber and the brand of champagne, Armand de Brignac and cognac D ‘ Usse, as well as with a real estate portfolio of approximately $ 50 million. Is also on the front of the platform, the music streaming Tidal, a project that does not reach the level of popularity of competitors such as Spotify.
Their last outing in the world of business was controversial: did an agreement with the NFL, the League of american football, in order to, among other initiatives, the production of the music show, the final of the Super Bowl. The movement has caused, criticised the polemics of the NFL, Colin Kaepernick, and because she had been defending himself, Jay-Z, public players: “I Said that you Bowl in the Super. Me not”, need I sing to you Going apeshitsongs from their album, a duet with Beyoncé, Everything is love (2017).

Marriage is the most powerful in the world of music began to be forged in the year 2003, as Jay-Z, lent Beyoncé one of his rhymes Crazy in lovethe theme, with which the singer made a pop diva. Then it would be more collaborations, music, the wedding in the year 2008, the three children they have in common, Blue Ivy, and the twins, Sir, and Rumi… and also in the scandal of infidelity from him.

Famous for be jealous of the intimate, the own Beyonce, the world was surprised by the revelation in his album Lemonade (2016), her husband was unfaithful. And she had decided to forgive him. “A few years ago I did something that should not have done. “It is my fault and my responsibility, but we have worked to a better place, “ he said in an interview last year with David Letterman.

In the same interview told how his mother, Gloria, she had confessed to him that I was gay: “he sat opposite me and said: “I Think I love someone’. And I cried, I was happy because you are finally free”. You told in one of the topics the rapper as he is by the talent of his son right after the birth: “it Was the last of my children, and the only thing I pain not caused, when I on the light. So I knew it was a special child”.