The dress, the Kim Kardashian at the gala of the Met was wearing more provocative


To project on the edge of the Puritanism that has started, once one of the most important artists contestatarios the music-scene -in reality, it is still, however, a approach is rather conservative, it is sure that Kim has also started to go to reflect recently about when, a little the tone of your styles for, are so shocking for their shoots and helps to provide a picture of the classic and traditional.

“The truth is that we think this kind of conversations often, and I find that it adds a healthy beige. I mean, where we put the border? What is much and what is it not? I am a mother of four children, and I will. forty years of in the next year I, myself, I wonder whether it will reveal to a certain point in time, this should change, as can be seen,” explains entrepreneur on his way by ‘The Real’ and just before, because your desire to come to agreements, poised with her husband, the dress she wore in the last gala of the Met-protagonist of the discussion was broadcast) this program has suffered very significant changes in the last minute.