The Eternal Angelina Jolie seems loiríssima on the Shooting of a new movie from Marvel


The actress plays the second Topic in The ‘Eternal’, a feature film inspired by a COMIC book, and it is also with Kit Harrington and Salma Hayek and the cast of characters.

Last July, during the At Comic-Con in San Diegothe Marvel comics he announced that between the movies and the series, and 11 new productions in the coming years. Among them, it is ‘The Eternal’the film , which is scheduled to premiere in November, 2020, and a list of events: Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington and Angelina Jolie You are part of the long, is based on a COMIC of the same name.

Therefore, it seems that the shooting of the film roll, and this week some pictures of Angelina, who plays a warrior Topic in the story, drew the attention of the media.

In the photos, Angelina is all dressed in white, next to a river with a hair-loiríssimo, and very different from the first cable, a brown, the brand is a sign for many years.

The characterization makes a lot of sense, as the Topic of comic books, also sports a large hair platinum.



It is not known, however, that Jolie is discolored, the wires to the new role, or if a change was made with the use of a wig (most likely hypothesis), a feature that often in the movies, the universe of Film from the Marvel (MCU) is full of flashbacks and flash-forwards.

One way or the other, with the publication of the the order of the ‘Evil’ next month, in October, it will not be long before we get to the question about the hair, blonde hair, and Angelina’s.