The photo of Selena Gomez on Instagram the trouble of Taylor Swift could cause


All seemed quiet around the singer Selena Gomez then throw away your song “Lots of you to love me”in which it is shown how a new woman, and determined. But a photo on Instagram was of him, the discomfort caused to one of her best friends Taylor Swiftnow, a topic that was hidden since the distant year of 2016, revived.

A few days ago, Selena rose to her account of Instagram a story with a sash “SKIMS”branding is part of Kim Kardashian. In its publication stresses that the garment is not “legitimate, which is so convenient”. What was surprised that the ex-actress from Disney delete your publication.

A few hours later, the interpreter, “Look at her now” moving to los angeles a different photo, but this time from her hug with Taylor Swift. He added, a small text, in which he thanked them for their company and stressed that they would always be at his side.

“I am with you until the end. Die for you would. Thank you to my side forever. You have taught me so much, you all went with me, have you been, and you remind me to be a better person. I’m by your side for a lifetime”wrote Selena in your history of Instagram.

Apparently, there is no relationship of a photo with the other, but you can get more between the lines of what we think Some media such as the magazine Who or the portal The Opinion speculate Swift, trouble, by the publication of the belt and therefore, and Gomez was cleared and rose on the other hand, they show support for their friend.

But what is the problem with the sash? The brand of the garment, is Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West. The last and Taylor have a action from the MTV Video Music Awards 2009 with time, an increase of wickedness, the you have has.

On these awards, West controversy caused when he jumped unexpectedly onto the stage, shortly after Taylor Swift outside awarded with the prize for the Best Video of the Female. The moment she entered the stage, the West, he headed both the audience, as the Swift and said: “Yo, Taylor, I’m very happy for you and let to stop you, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”

West was booed by the audience and quickly she left the stage, only to Swift completely shocked. You have the microphone, Taylor, because she could not say much and went, with no idea what happened. The incident in one of the most impressive moments the prices all times and marks dispute the beginning of the law.

After 2016 the rapper released his single, “Famous”, belongs to the album “The Life of Paul”. In a verse, the husband of Kim Kardashian refers to Swift offensive: “I feel that Taylor (Swift) and I could have sex. Why? I’ve known this bitch”recite the letters. Also, in the video for the song, be naked, several celebrities in addition to singer and his wife; between them, Taylor was.

The singer stood with his arms crossed and returned a subtle form of aggression from the West. In February 2016, in the edition of the Grammy, Taylor said the rapper if you picked up their award for Best Album: “I want all the young people out there, that there are people who, along the way, try to undermine your success, and the merit of your services, or your glory will be attributed to”.

In the years 2017, Swift released her single “Look What you Made me do”several artists with whom he in the past problems is referred to. Between these personalities from the show business are Kim and center.

The topic of darts to throw, such as: “I like your little games / I don’t like it tilted, in your scenario,” hinting on a tour West, in the scenario, air inclined. There is also a part in the video in which the singer in a bathtub full of diamonds, suffered in relation to a theft, the Kim Kardashian in Paris.

Through this long history of low blows and indirect is that Taylor Swift would be annoyed with Selena Gomez after its release, praise the belt of the brand, Kim. Maybe you don’t have to spend a apology, but the singer of Mexican origin need to be more careful with the content of social networks.